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Just 50 m from the silky-white Sarti Beach, Erifili Apartments & Studios hotel in Sarti are your ideal holiday retreat!

The Erifili Apartments and Studios hotel is situated in the picturesque village of Sarti Halkidiki, on the eastern side of the Sithonia Peninsula, Halkidiki (Chalkidiki). It is idyllically located in a quiet area, close to the center of Sarti, just 50 meters from the beach, a long stretch of white sand with amazing blue - green waters. This Sarti, Halkidiki hotel boasts stunning views of the sun emerging from behind the holy Mt. Athos, one of the most breathtaking vistas from Sithonia Halkidiki hotels in Sarti.

The Erifili Chalikidiki Hotel in Sarti (Sithonia) includes 13 spacious and well appointed apartments and studios in a friendly environment, where you will be treated to heart-felt hospitality. Some of the apartments have been recently refurbished offering quality accommodation at the same attractive prices. The Erifili Apartments & Studios hotel in Halkidiki provides guests with several organized hotel services, ensuring a pleasant stay in comfort, for unforgettable vacations.

We will be glad to welcome you at the Erifili Halkidiki Apartments and Studios hotel in Sithonia, which belongs to the 3-key category of Halkidiki Hotels in Sarti and operates all year round.

Sarti, Sithonia, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki)
On the eastern side of Sithonia, the central peninsula of Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), is the charming seaside village of Sarti. It is one of the most popular resorts in the region, offering visitors wonderful beaches, crystal-clear waters and a wide variety of entertainment and dining venues.

Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), Greece
Southeast of the city of Thessaloniki is the most frequented holiday destination in Northern Greece, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki). The peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia and Agio Oros (Mt. Athos) make up the main vacation destinations of Chalkidiki (Halkidiki). All three peninsulas offer areas of great natural beauty, stunning beaches, picturesque villages, as well as a plethora of archaeological and historical sites.
Studios & Apartments on Erifili Complex, Sarti, Halkidiki
The Erifili Hotel Apartments and Studios in Sarti, Chalkidiki features 13 fully-equipped units...

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Sarti, Chalkidiki, Greece
The region of Chalkidiki (Halkidiki) is one of utter beauty, attracting thousands of visitors every year...